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    Cap ‘n QuoteNorth and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

    "I wanted to see the place where Margaret grew to what she is, even at the worst time of all, when I had no hope of ever calling her mine."

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  3. Fred Astaire publicity still for Roberta (1935)

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    The Scarlet Pimpernel

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  5. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) + Tumblr Text Posts

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    I still die laughing everytime I see this scene 

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  8. harry potter meme ϟ  nine relationships  (6/9) -  the weasleys

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    Howl’s Moving Castle + Scenery

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  10. Why’d you get off the train with him?

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    Studio Era Meme (dramas 3/5)

    Baby Face (1933)

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  13. the first half of the book version of howl's moving castle

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    "It’s that thing when you’re with someone, and you love them and they know it, and they love you and you know it, but you’re both talking to other people, and you’re laughing and shining, and you look across the room and catch each other’s eyes, but not because you’re possessive, or it’s precisely sexual… but because… that is your person in this life. And it’s funny and sad, but only because this life will end, and it’s this secret world that exists right there in public, unnoticed, that no one else knows about. It’s sort of like how they say that other dimensions exist all around us, but we don’t have the ability to perceive them. That’s what I want out of a relationship. Or just life, I guess." - Frances Ha

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