2. Well, I’m sort of weird and embarrassed and repressed talking about it. But it was, you know, it was an amazing thing to meet her. I’d not had many successful relationships in my life, you’d be amazed to learn. Erm, so I thought that would probably be a state of affairs that would continue, and I would concern myself with the trappings of panel show stardom. You know, the green room of Mock The Week, that sort of thing. So it was really, you know, it was considerably more than I felt I deserve to meet her and just sort of just literally fall in love within about… certainly within about 20 minutes. — David Mitchell on Victoria Coren [x]

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    “She’s clever, funny, beautiful. I think she’s amazing. She’s brilliant at what she does. For three years I thought about her all the time, and I still do but in a much happier way. I didn’t know whether I was built to be in a couple, and finding that I am is tremendous. Life is a lot less bewildering and stressful when there’s someone to talk to who you know will back you up whatever happens.”

    - David Mitchell

    They’re both so brilliant, and so perfectly suited for each other.

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    Oh yes. Most definitely yes.

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    50 perfect people (in no particular order) | [5] David Mitchell